I love to drink coffee or tea when  I write.  Recently, I got a great tumbler from Tevana encouraging tea drinking.  I love Earl Gray tea and Lady Gray tea.  I really like all black teas and many green teas.  I've also recently got started drinking white tea. 

These tumblers come in a variety of sharp colors.  Mine is a gorgeous red color, it looks like the finish on my new car.  So shiny.  :) 

I can fill my tumbler up and sip on my tea for a long time while I'm busy writing or doing my legal work.  My tea stays hot, almost too hot in my new tumbler.  It holds a lot of tea too.  You can use this tumbler for coffee too.  I'm in love with my Tevana tumbler, I had to blog about it. 

Drink tea, it is good for you too.  Plus, tea has a interesting history all over the world.  Tevana also offers wonderful teas for your palette.  You can spend way too much money in their stores.  I do, and when a certain someone sees my Visa card for last month.... oh my!

A few years ago, I had a tea party baby shower for my friend and it was a lot of fun.  I used beautiful tea pots I bought from Tevana and their delicious and good for you teas.  Shop at Tevana and drink a bit of history and culture.  Serve it up in a gorgeous tea pot and a convenient tumbler.  I do! 

Sometimes the aroma of tea makes me dream of exotic places for my books.  It's amazing what can make creative blood flow through our brain cells. 

Happy tea time should not only be for our English cousins, drink tea America!