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Ciara Lake's Curse of a Dragon's Claim
Series Connection: The Forsaken
ISBN: 9781937325268
Genre: Paranormal/ Fantasy/ Dragon Romance/ Immortal Romance
Publisher: Beachwalk Press

5 Hearts!
In the first book of the Forsaken series, Forsaken Heart, readers are introduced to the world of immortals where the vampires and dragon once the best of friends are still bitter over years of war against each other. The worst offender of the war, Saltar, has been locked away.

Years later, the prison holding Saltar away is weakening and threats of Saltar's return to reek havoc are once again amidst. The vampires are working for their goddess to bring a human girl, one of the Forsaken, back into the immortal world.

In Curse of a Dragon's Claim, the series takes a move to the dragon world and one dragon, Clayne, has also be tasked with the duty by his goddess to bring a human girl, a forsaken, back to the immortal world. Cayne has hated vampires since his twin sister was killed. Now his is asked to bring back a vampire-dragon maiden. He is also told that this woman will be his mate.

When Clayne meets Arianna he doesn't expect what he finds. The human is beautiful and he finds no problem at all with marrying her and bringing her back to his world. Now both Arianna and Clayne have to work to figure out why the goddess wants her and if the goddess can be trusted.

This is a very pleasant addition to the Forsaken series. As with Forsaken Heart, keep a close eye on details if you plan to continue reading the series. I have a feeling that there will be quite a bit of the information coming together in future books. The series will be continuing in October with Forsaken Paradise by Elise Whyles and book 4 in November with Forsaken Norse Wind by Ciara Lake.

The flame within a dragon warrior's heart awakens Arianna's passion as she begins a journey in which she will discover she's something more than she ever imagined possible.

The realm of the dragons is a world of magic, danger, and mystery. For centuries they’ve been at war with the vampires, but now the two enemies must work together to save all immortals, and the mortals they co-exist with, from an ancient evil. In order to do so, they need the help of the Forsaken, descendants of immortals who were cast out into the human realm, their memories wiped clean of their true heritage.

Clayne MacDagon is a powerful dragon warrior who is sent on a mission to find one of the Forsaken. Although he’s told that this woman is his fated mate, he can’t believe it could possibly be true. Arianna Mergliano possesses both dragon and vampire blood, and Clayne has an intense hatred for anything even remotely related to vampires, the evil beings who were responsible for his beloved twin’s death.

When Arianna meets Clayne, she’s convinced that the man is insane, or maybe he’s a warlock or even the devil himself, but whichever it is, she wants nothing to do with him. Clayne knows he can’t fail at his mission. And once he meets Arianna he also knows that what he’s been told is true—she is, ironically, his intended mate.

Convincing her to accept him is only the beginning. He has to protect her from those who might want her dead. Together, they must face the shadows and evil that have long plagued the immortal realms and find a way to survive the coming war.

Content Warning: graphic sex, some violence
"Saleeya Stayvel is a communication specialist on a mission for the Council and her home planet. Her job is to make sure none of the people attending the upcoming meetings does something that will offend any other beings there. With so many different cultures attending, Saleeya has her hands full. Especially when you consider the first round of meetings is being held on the Xihirian world – world of fierce shifters. Admoncor Kael Braeden is the head of the Mihirian Military Elite Forces and he is also a crown prince for his world. He has very little hope for success in the focus of these meetings as you just can’t deal rationally with terrorists, and that is what the Council is hoping to do. However Kael quickly focuses on a new mission when he meets Saleeya for the first time. Kael knows she is his mate and his mission now is make sure she can handle loving a Xihirian – a fierce group of shifters who see protecting their females as a must under all circumstances. Saleeya is definitely overwhelmed when Kael immediately starts showing her his interest. While she knew that Xihirians could instantly know their mates, she never expected it to happen to her. Overshadowing Saleeya and Kael’s romance is the danger that is the Realmist terrorists, who think the only humanoids that should be allowed to exist are earthen like ones. When the danger targets Saleeya and the Royal House, someone is going to pay in blood if Kael has anything to say about it. With so much espionage and terror going on, will Saleeya and Kael ever make it to their wedding day? When a inexperienced communications specialist and a prince meet eyes, fireworks were just the beginning of things to come. Saleeya and Kael have an erotic and suspense filled adventure in Xihirah. It came as a shock on just how fast Kael tumbled in love when he met Saleeya. I had to laugh a few times as he tried to show Saleeya just what he wanted her to do. Part of that was because Saleeya might have been inexperienced in several things, but she knew her mind when it came to love and her job. I loved watching as each of them tried to out circle the other during their unique courtship. The suspense was a great counter to the romance and kept me very interested in what would be happening next. Xihirah is full of humor, passion and danger – perfectly balanced to keep it nice and spicy. I have my hopes on who the next book in this series will focus on and I will be watching for it." -- Jo, Joyfully Reviewed

Heartfeltpromos's review - 5 StarsSaleeya Stayvel is a young woman and communications specialist. She has been called on to make sure there are no miscommunications between the rules of the planet Xihirah, and a group of terrorists calling themselves The Realmist. The Realmists hate anyone who is not descended from humanoids from Earth, they are especially hateful towards the Xihirans who have the ability to shift into cat-like creatures.

Admoncor Kael Braeden is a crown prince on Xihirah, as well as, the head of the Xihiran military. He knows almost immediately after meeting Saleeya that she is is mate.

It becomes apparent to Saleeya not very long after she arrives on Xihirah that she and her assistant are getting the royal treatment. It also becomes apparent almost immediately that Admoncor is as attracted to her as she is to him. However, there are rumors about the Xihirans, and her assistant becomes concerned for her and tells her a bit about how the Xihirans mate. This doesn't deter Saleeya from beginning a relationship with Admoncor, though she does seem a bit concerned with how fast he is moving. Fortunately, Admoncor addresses her concerns early in the story, and convinces her that his intentions are honorable. However, before they can announce their intentions to his family and hers, The Realmists snatch Saleeya. Will Admoncor be able to save her before The Realmists decide she must die for mating with someone who they consider to be less than human?

Wow! I LOVED Xihirah by Ciara Lake, it is truly phenomenal scifi romance! The world building is one of the things that make this story truly unique. I loved the idea of alien cat-like shifters, and quite frankly I hope to see more books in this series. The love scenes are erotic, and have the key element of being very emotional. In my opinion this is key to wring a great love story, and Ms. Lake has truly outdone herself in this respect with Xihirah. If you love shifter stories, science fiction, and your love scenes hot enough to singe your eyebrows, then you'll want to pick up your copy of Xihirah today!
by: Ciara Lake

Publisher: Siren-Bookstrand Publishing
Just Erotic Romance Reviews
review by: Elizabeth Charles  

4 Stars!

On a peace mission to planet Xihirah, Ambassador Saleeya Stavel was expected to explain Xihrian culture, translate, and make sure everything went smoothly between the visitors and the native Wolfton shifters.  Saleeya had heard rumors that the men were aggressive and controlling, and was expecting the talks to be challenging. Kael wasn’t looking forward to participating, but as heir to the throne, his father commanded him to be in attendance.  Kael’s moods had been darker than usual, with each day passing with no mate he became more irritable and frustrated.  When he recognized Saleeya by her scent, there was no stopping him from claiming her.

Xihirah: Xihirian Shifters 1 has one of my favorite plotlines in a sci-fi romance so I was excited to read it and predisposed to liking it. Although the book had some awkward prose and stilted dialogue, it was still a very enjoyable read.  The hero was everything a romance hero should be: rich, royal, strong, brave, and committed to his woman.  I thoroughly appreciated Admoncor Kael Braeden’s alpha character and loved how protective he was of his mate.  I was happy that Saleeya was such a good match for him, without being obnoxiously perfect at everything.  The sex scenes weren’t extremely explicit, but they were hot, romantic and plentiful.  I would like to read another novel set in this world and hope that there is a sequel.

 The Romance Studio review
Curse of a Dragon's Claim

Ciara Lake
Paranormal romance
Available from Beachwalk Press
ISBN: B0084KT270
May 2012

When Arianna meets Clayne she is unsure what to make of him. Clayne came to Florence for one reason only -- to find his Dracvipen mate on the orders of the goddess Amuliana, who has her own hidden agenda behind wanting Clayne to find and claim his mate.

While I found the characters and the plot to be well-developed, I would have enjoyed Curse of a Dragon's Claim much more without so much coarse language. The relationship between Clayne and Arianna was well written as well as believable. The way author Ciara Lake developed their relationship throughout the book was just one of the things I enjoyed about this book. I also very much liked how Arianna and Sarah interacted. The reactions Arianna had to certain things that Sarah said had me laughing out loud. The intimate scenes between Arianna and Clayne were extremely steamy and very descriptive in the words that were used.

Given the coarse language and the frequent mention of sex, Curse of a Dragon's Claim is meant for readers 18 and over. All in all, I did enjoy this book for the colorful characters and author Ciara Lake's unique style of writing.

Overall rating:
Sensuality rating: Very sensual

Reviewer: Tanya Contois
June 10, 2012

Xihirah (MF) by Ciara Lake (Published by: Siren-BookStrand, Inc.)
Categories: Futuristic, Science Fiction

This reviewer's rating: None - Not Rated

What a great read. I love both shape shifter and sci-fi books and this is a very good one. Saleeya and Kael meet on Kaels home planet-Xihirah. Saleeya, as a linguist is there to help make sure there are no language or protocol problems when councils from different cultures hold meetings about a terrorist group who want to wipe out all non human members of the universe. Kael is the next in line as ruler of Xihirah as a Prime Alpha Male and also head of the military force. This book has some unexpected actions and a traitor or two. Highly recommend. BUY

Reviewed by: LynnieP (Date: 07/29/2012)
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Xihirah (MF) by Ciara Lake (Published by: Siren-BookStrand, Inc.)
Categories: Futuristic, Science Fiction

This reviewer's rating: None - Not Rated

This is the first book i have read by Ciara Lake. I loved the characters and the sci-fi setting. The different take on foreign species and their cross cultural loves was very refreashing. :) def suggest it! xoxo--FunkyD. BUY

Reviewed by: FunkyDiva (Date: 08/21/2012)
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