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Saturday, February 28, 2015


Promote Yourself! Promotion, an author's best friend. 02/28 by Publishers On Air | Books Podcasts

Promote Yourself! Promotion, an author's best friend. 02/28 by Publishers On Air | Books Podcasts
Sunday, February 15, 2015

Publishing in the Spotlight 02/14 by Publishers On Air | Books Podcasts

Publishing in the Spotlight 02/14 by Publishers On Air | Books Podcasts
Saturday, September 13, 2014


Hello authors, editors, support staff and friends/colleagues, we are happy to announce that Frost Books, Crimson Frost and Midnight Frost Books will be hosting a blogradio show two times a month.  At least that is the plan at this time.  This is just in its infancy so things are subject to change and we are open to suggestions. 

We are developing a schedule at this time.  We hope it will promote us, our authors and others to the world of readers.  We are excited for authors to share their stories and encourage and develop their fan base.  Truth be told we wish to develop our fan base too.  In doing so, we want to not only promote but to provide information and tips on editing, writing, promoting, and all other topics which impact the industry. 

We will be asking our support staff… editors, artist, promoters, and bloggers to participate as well and talk about themselves and their services. Share their excitement for what they do as part of our team and without Frost Books.  Our view is to promote all, to get to know each other, and to educate one another.

To get everyone’s name out.  For all to benefit, either directly or indirectly.  We will be inviting other publisher friends and outside authors to participate as well, especially our Beachwalk authors!  But we invite any others as well.  Patricia and I are published by other publishers.  Sharing their news and upcoming books/ events is also our goal.

Our show will be 30 minutes long each time.  In that time, we want the world to know about us, our authors, our author’s books and others, our friends, and anything else that excites our readers and our authors who we truly appreciate.

We are aware that there are some publishers who have not been author and or reader friendly. We are not pleased with that news generally as authors and or publishers.   Patricia and I are authors and readers too and we understand.  We want to do all we can do to achieve success for all. No doubt, we are all learning.  But this is true in any industry.  Even lawyers and doctors learn while doing their jobs.  I know you hate to think so, but it is often true.  They do learn and they do succeed!  We all want to succeed. 

We endeavor to be honest and communicative with our staff and authors.  We searched our brains to find a way to bring us all closer and to help all.  Therefore, Patricia and I came up with the idea of blogradio. 
We hope you like this idea too. 

If you were sent this email or are reading this… We are inviting you to participate and we would like to schedule you.  The interviews will be done over the phone or computer.  So, you will not need to fly here to gorgeous Ohio, USA or Kamloops, BC.  LOL.  The world is so cool with all this tech we are close no matter where you are.

If you have friends who are authors self-published or with other pubs…. Let them know we would like to interview them about their books too.  Spread the word!  We are anxious to hear what you all think!

Thanks so much for your time,
Ciara Lake and Patricia Bates

This will be shared on FB, twitter, and blogs.  So, if you don't get email... you will get this.   
Wednesday, July 9, 2014


Ragen Kerrigan a gorgeous young woman who has a way with animals as well as people who are hurting.  She heals with a mere touch.  Using this mysterious skill, she does not understand, she’s a much admired Vet. 
        Liam O’Neill is a, Zerphalin, a shape shifting warrior, much like a werewolf, created by the Celtic goddess Macha.  In his past existence in another realm, his heart was broken.  Now he lives in the mortal realm.   He’s lonely, yet turns down sexual advances of a beautiful Sensual Moon Witch.  Liam longs for something more than meaningless sex.  In his long life time, he’s had enough of passing affairs and sharing a woman is out of the question. 
          Goddess Achtland appears to Liam out of the blue.  She issues him orders to find a female relative of hers currently living in the mortal realm.  In return, Achtland promises him to help find his mate.  
            Ragen goes to Chattanooga, into the big city, to a fund raiser for their animal hospital. After letting her friend off, Ragen parks her car several blocks away.  As she walks to the event she’s accosted.  Out of nowhere, an amber eyed champion arrives saving her. Liam, owner of The Urban Forest, introduces himself as the Urban Wolf.  He invites her to his club after the fund raiser event ends. 
          Ragen accepts his invitation, not realizing her life is going to change forever.  With the help of Liam, she’ll embrace her place in the supernatural world.  Ragen is about to become the Warrior’s Faery Princess. 

Warning:  Hot sexy man and explicit sex 


I am so excited to get this wonderful review. Thank you so much Valerie Negron!

Her Review: 

This is another great summer read! Its a short easy read but with that being said it was amazing. Do not let a short book fool you. This book was jam packed with emotions and great chemistry between the main characters. The characters were very well written. You felt like you were with them and you felt like you knew them. You felt every emotion that they were experiencing.

The description in this book was well written and you could see, feel, andhear everything that was going on with the characters and the world around them. I could see everything I was reading.

There were lots of twists in this book that had m

e turning the pages to see what was going to happen. I literally read this book in one day cause every chance I got I was reading to see what was coming or going to happen. By the end of the book mostly everything had been explained and all tied up nicely. The book and the plot flowed very nicely. You were able to read and understand everything that was happening.

Liam is a great teacher for Ragen. Ragen is a type of witch able to heal by touch and she has just started getting and experiencing her powers. Liam comes to find her by request of a Goddess to keep her safe and to bring her back to the goddess. You will have to read yourself to find out why this Goddess wants to see Ragen and wants to keep her safe.

Liam is a Zerphalin, an immortal shapeshifter, he can shapeshift to what he wants but prefers the wolf form. He is looking to settle down instead of having meaningless encounters and sex. When he finds Ragen the chemistry and reaction between these two is AMAZING!!!! I just want to say that I would love me some Liam. He is sexy, strong, and compassionate all wrapped up into one with a sexy wolf form.

This book ends on a huge cliffhanger and mystery. Thats why I say mostly everything has been explained and tied up in this book. This cliffhanger was so huge I was so disappointed for it to end. Now I am wondering what is gonna happen to Ragen and if she will continue to be safe. Im also curious to see ragen and Liam's love continue to develop and grow. I cant wait to read the next book to continue with Ragen and Liam and hopefully it is done and released soon.

This book gets a 5/5 from me!!

Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Sunday, June 15, 2014


In a race against time, will they get to their happy ever after?
The Last Dig
Release date: June 16, 2014

Constance Bretes, Author 
Delayed Justice: 
Can two former lovers set aside their differences and work together to bring a criminal to justice? 

The Last Dig 

Bones, Bodies and Love Rekindled