Yippy, I submitted Enchanted Waves today to Beachwalk Press and hopefully it will be the next in the Forsaken series I am creating with my good friend Elise Whyles.  Every time I finish a manuscript it's like giving birth to a beautiful child, just less painful.  :)  I have a new baby! 

Rough Blurb (This blurb may be edited before release of EW)

Tavia Locke, a successful lawyer, has put her career before everything, including her love life.  Exhausted from too many late nights, early mornings, and endless days spent in court, Tavia is at the end of her rope. When she starts having sensual dreams and voices haunt her sleep, she is driven to the edge her sanity.           
Jax Aquila, Mer prince and son of Poseidon is tasked with locating a Forsaken woman before a vengeful goddess does.  Old hatred and prejudice push him to undertake an agenda of his own - one that will have far reaching consequences.  
When he meets Tavia, Jax has no idea the one he's drawn to, is the one he's sent for. Instead, he ignores the visible signs of his unrest and pursues her.  Should he complete his task and lose everything he wants or find his place among the Immortals who defend against an ancient evil that stirs.

If you haven't checked out the story of a handsome Troll, Axel Venrick, in Forsaken Norse Wind, number four in the series, I'd suggest you pick up a copy and enjoy the fantasy world of Norse and Greek gods as well as other immortals.  My readers seem to have enjoyed the tale and all of the Forsaken series so far, so get on board and join the reading. 

If you purchase a copy of Forsaken Norse Wind or CURSE OF THE DRAGON'S CLAIM and write a review on and copy here too on my site, between April 9, 2013 and April 28, 2013  you will be entered.  Here is what you need to do: After you write the review, email your name and date you did the review to .  I will ask my editor, Pam to pick a name from those I receive and who qualify.  If you do two reviews, I will enter your name twice into the random selection.  The name my editor selects will be the winner and I, will give the winner an e book of my next Forsaken book as soon as it is released.     

Now that I'm done with EW, I am working on edits for Angel for Avery, which is set to be published with Champagne Books.  Due to technical difficulties and my busy trial schedule its release was set back.  News on this will be posted as I know the new release date for sure. 

Thanks for your interest, I really appreciate all of my readers. 
Ciara Lake