Curse of a Dragon’s Claim by Ciara Lake
The Forsaken, Book 2
Beachwalk Press
Erotic Paranormal
ISBN: 9781937325268
Reviewed by Jo

Arianna Mergliano is looking forward to the trip she and her father are taking to his business partner’s home.  Even though the trip will be a mixture of business and relaxation, Arianna is really looking forward to the parties and dancing and seeing her best friend again.  Arianna knows that she is now at the age where her father may start looking for a prosperous husband for her at this party among the businessmen he associates with.  But that thought is not something she is going to worry about right now, her major concern is to packher best outfits and not forgetting anything she might need during this visit
Clayne MacDagon is a very powerful dragon with an chip on his shoulder concerning anything to do with vampires.  He has had this ever since his twin sister was killed when the war between dragons and vampires began.  Now the gods have informed Clayne and the other dragons that he has to go forth into the human realm and find a forsaken, mate with her and bring her back to his realm to help keep a deadly vampire locked up in his prison.  Clayne would rather have to face a battle without his best weapon than come into contact with a forsaken – a descendant of a relationship between a dragon and a vampire – a person of mixed blood.  However Calyne will do what his honor demands and seek out this woman.
When Arianna and Clayne first meet there is an instant attraction which surprises both of them.  Clayne knows that Arianna really is his mate due to a unique birthmark she wears and her beauty, both inside and out, urge him to act fast in claiming this woman to his side.  Arianna is amazed and a bit overwhelmed that within a day she meets a man and is suddenly engaged and then married to him.  Clayne wastes no time in mating with Arianna after the wedding but when he tells her the truth about himself and then proves it, Arianna reacts badly at the speed of startling information.  However, she is no wimp and after the shock quickly accepts all that she has been told.  What neither of them can figure out is just how Arianna is supposed to help when she had no idea about who and what she was.  The love between Arianna and Clayne is growing fast and huge, which is a great thing as the dragon’s main god has taken notice of it and Arianna.  Arianna’s gift and power comes to be known during their mating ceremony and it’s a very powerful gift at that.  Clayne and Arianna now have the protection of the gods, but will it be enough to safe them and their love in the upcoming battle?
Fate has brought two powerful people together in hopes to avoid the revival of a horrid war – will their love be enough to bring a shift in the future as the gods play?  Curse of a Dragon’s Claim brings Arianna and Clayne together and their love brings forth the plots and plans of those that want to destroy the dragons once and for all.  I really felt sorry for Arianna at first because she was so overwhelmed by Clayne and her feelings for him and because of her upbringing, believing his magic to be an evil thing rather than just a part of him.  I’m all for straight talking, but I had to shake my head at Clayne when he used his own form of straight talking on Arianna – totally forgetting that he had to go backwards in time to find her and not forwards.  I really enjoyed watching as Arianna and Clayne grasped the beginning of their passion and followed the rocky road as it turned into a deep and abiding love with all that was going on around them.  Clayne might have a dragon’s strength but it was Arianna’s power that seemed to have brought down the evil around them.  There were so many great secondary characters and the swirling multiple story lines that I can’t wait to see how this world evolves and what will happen next.  Curse of a Dragon’s Claim has layers upon layers of intrigue, passion, danger and mystic happenings that keep it a page-turner.
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